F I L M ,  V I D E O ,  A N I M A T I O N

Thoughout Bob's career in film, video

and animation, he has had the honor of working with many extremely talented

and creative writers, editors, directors, animators, dp's, voice overs, music composers  and film, video, animation, production and post production houses and staff from NY. to LA. and Toronto.



Gary Proctor, NYC

Rik Morden, Toronto



Mathew Brady, NYC

Tim Neuman, LA

Mark Fogetti, NY

Gino Salvatori, LA

Lee Savage, NYC

Robert Green,  NYC



Chuck Csuri, (Father of Computer Graphics), Columbus, OH

Harry Saffren, Philadelphia, PA

Paul Sidlo, LA

Steve Martino, LA

Don Stredney, Columbus, OH

Richard Greenberg, NYC

Bob Blansky, NYC

Judson Rosebush, NYC


Production / Post Studios:

Jenkins & Covington. NYC, LA

Broadway Video, NYC

NFL Films, Mt. Laurel, NJ

Phantom Film & Video, Toronto

Mathew Brady Productions, NYC Betelgeuse Productions, NYC

AT&T Video Production Center, NJ

Great Atlantic Productions,

Rochester, NY

Merck Global Production Studio, Whitehouse, NJ


Voice overs:

Peter Thomas

Sada Thompson

Peter Thomas Jr.


Animation Studios:

Dolphin Productions, NYC

Digital Effects Inc., NYC

IF Studios, NYC

Cranston/Csuri Productions, Columbus,OH

R Greenburg Associates, NYC

Space/Time Ltd., Philedelphia, PA

Chromewerk, Inc., Chatham, NJ


Special Operations:

J. Walter Thompson's War Room, NYC


These are just a few of the industry greats with whom Bob has crossed paths durung his career. Who helped make him look good as an art director, producer, director or all three combined. Thank you!

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