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Selected Venues & Museums Continued...


Santa Fe Municipal City Airport

Santa Fe, N.M.

09.30.2008 “Santa Fe Airshow 2008”, Poster  (14x17)


Nedra Matteucci Galleries

Santa Fe, N.M. 
Group Exhibition

06.2008 “Oasis in the Desert”, Exhibition

Photographic Image:  “Hope”  (30x23)


Merck Global Headquarters,

Whitehouse Station, N.J.

Group Exhibition

06.2000 Photo  Image: “Peace in a Frenzied World” (17x14)

06.2001 Photo Image:  “The Unexpected” (17x14)

06.2003 Photo  Image:  “Only One Chateau” (50x12)

02.2004 Photo Image:  “Solitude at Storm King” (17x14)


South Street Seaport Museum,

New York, N.Y.

Group Exhibition

06.1986 “Freedom”  (Poster 24x30), Bicentennial Celebration


Novartis (Ciba-Geigy), U.S., Headquarters

Summit, N.J.

Solo Exhibition:

27 Photographic Color Images (24x20)


Ocean County Artists Guild

Island Heights, N.J.

Solo Exhibition

28 Photographic Images (20x24).


New York Art Directors Club

New York, N.Y.

Group Exhibition

Untitled :  “Surrender” Graphic  (20x30)


The White House, Washington, D.C.

Permanent Collection

11.15.1985, “Freedom”  (30x24)

Presented to President, Ronald Reagan, by the NJAC


Guild of Creative Art

Shrewsbury, N.J.

Group Exhibition

Photographic  Images (14x12)


And other private collections.



Selected Publications / Films:



04.06.2013 "Sun N' Fun Countdown: Perfect Panel"


Vacation Week

05.25.2010, “Cloudless days,above the sea,

the blue skies will stretch forever,” p-10


General Aviation News

07.01.2010 “Screaming Eagle”


Atlantic Flyer Magazine

02.01.2010, “Early Morning Departure,” p-9

04.01.2011 “Lifeguard One”...A Healing Journey!  p-10


Fly-Low Publications

01.01.2010, P-51, Mustang...A Real Screamer”

Cover, Spread, p-18-19


07.01.2010, “Screaming Eagle Lands”

09.01.2009 , “Southwest Soaring Museum”, p-16-17

04.01.2011 “Lifeguard One”...A Healing Journey! Cover, p-44


EAA Warbirds “Briefing”
01.01.2010 “The Glorious Aerodynamic Stallion”


U.S. Southwest Soaring Museum News

Fall, 2009, p-2

Summer, 2010, Cover


Soaring Magazine

08.2009  “Photo Show Case”, p-42

05.2011 “Soaring For State Records”, p-2, p-28


Coast Magazine

06.01.1988 Jersey Shore, Cover Shot


Yachting Magazine

07.1986, New York Mayor’s Cup, Schooner Race


AT&T “The History of Telecommunications”

30 Minute Film with Animated Stills








Bob was only six when he took his very first


photograph with his mother’s Kodak Box


Camera. His first professional images were


taken when he was an Art Director in New York


City assigned to the AT&T account (where he


was the youngest art director at N.W. Ayer,


N.Y.). These images were featured in his first


award-winning film for AT&T “The History of


Telecommunications” which was directed by


world renowned Lee Savage and written by


Dave Eynon (both of whom gave him the


opportunity to do so). Following that, he shot


images for the AT&T promotion of “Westside


Story” where, while on location, he actually


 crossed paths with the  world-famous Gordon


Parks (photographer for Life Magazine) which


 inspired him even more. Later, he shot images


during a live broadcast at NBC Studios for an


AT&T “Broadcasting Promotion." At this point,


the excitement of Art Direction combined with


Photography went hand-in-hand with his


passion  for each assignment.




"The images I see stir an internal chemistry


which is indescribably exhilarating and I am


motivated to record these images so they


maybe shared. As a purist, I prefer the softness


of natural light. My photographs are usually


never cropped; each one emerges from my


camera as an individual design. I prefer making


photographic statements which are uniquely


mine and my photographs typify this


philosophy. Having been blessed with a lust for


life and a good eye, the camera is an integral


part of my life."



Talarczyk has won numerous awards, both


nationally and internationally. His photography


hangs in the White House, Washington, D.C.


and the National Museum ofthe Unites States


Air Force, Dayton, Ohio. Bob is located in


Lancaster, PA, USA.



Selected Venues & Museums:



Santa Fe Municipal Airport Terminal

Santa Fe, N.M. Perment Collection

F-111F, "City Of Santa Fe...Mission Fly-By"

Archival Print 30x24


Santa Fe Photographic Workshop,

Santa Fe, N.M.

Semi-Annual Show “Light”

05.01.2011 “Ferry From Road Town”


National Museum United Staes Air Force

Dayton, Ohio

“5.01.11 – Present "F-104 Starfighter

Poster, (11x17)


International Balloon Museum

Albuquerque, N.M.

Solo/Group Exhibition

03.07.2010 – Present

“Sky Sailing”, Exhibition,

Twelve, Photo Graphic Images, (17x14)


U.S. Southwest Soaring Museum

Moriarty, N.M.

2010 “U.S Southwest Soaring Museum “

(Poster 17x14)


Schweizer 1-26 National Championships

Moriarty, N.M.

07.01.2009 “1-26 National Championships” Poster, (17x14)


PW-5 (Smyk), World Class Championships

Moriarty, N.M.

007.01.2009 “World Class Championships” Poster, (17x14)